In the pearl white room

Go and pen the pearl white door,

maybe freedom awaits your arrival,

or feel clouds swaying around your head,

or maybe a crazy clown running around frantically is in the pearl white room.


Go and open the bubblegum pink door,

maybe an Azalea will blossom in front of you,

or children sprinting around in the spring playing tag.


Go and open the rainbow door,

maybe a forever love will attach to your soul,

or  a perfect sunset will emerge as the ocean begins  waving at you.


Go and open the tiger orange door,

Maybe the room is full of halloween decorations,

Or maybe amber lava flowing down a burnt volcano.


Go and open the berry blue door,

Maybe a nerve will be curled up in the corner,

Or maybe a teal blue eye would be staring at you.


Go and open the emerald door,

Maybe a four leaf clover will grant you luck,

Or a green tree python slithering over the walls.


Go and open the ruby red door, 

Maybe maple leaves fall down into a pit of nothing,

Or maybe rage boiling like an egg in a pan.


Go and open the brunette door,

Maybe a log filled room awaits you,

Or peace floats around in the empty air.

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