I’ve never

I’ve Never…


I’ve never hugged the golden, shimmering Sun,

but I have hugged my cute, kind brother.


I’ve never got a glimpse of an alien,
but I have witnessed children in alien costumes on Halloween.


I’ve never visited Buckingham Palace through the mall,

but I have been round Aimee’s house.


I’ve never soared through the sky like Superman,

but I have flown in a plane over London.


I’ve never stroked the top of Mount Everest,

but I have felt the grassy top of the fluffy hill in Brandon Park.


I’ve never ran a Marathon,

but I have jogged away from Madi and Leila while playing tag.


I’ve never painted all the stars in one-hundred galaxies,

but I have painted the colourful flowers dancing in the fields of Brandon.


I’ve never built a time machine,

but I have made a cardboard rocket, flying in the sky like a plane.


I’ve never seen the billions of stars in the night sky,

but I have seen a glittery bag like sparkling sequins on a dress of 

total darkness.


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