I’ve never….

I’ve never captured a Brazilian Wandering spider,

but I have caught minnows at Santon Downham.


I’ve never visited the Eiffel Tower,

but I have seen the London Eye on a field trip.


I’ve never eaten a red banana,

but I have consumed a slice of watermelon.


I’ve never cultivated a Giant Water Lily,

but I have grown tomatoes many times before.


I’ve never observed prehistoric dinosaurs,

but I have viewed Moon and Sunny the tortoise.


I’ve never ascended to Mount Everest,

but I have climbed a blossoming plum tree in Brandon.


I’ve never baked a cake for the Queen,

but I have cooked delicious,golden omelettes.


I’ve never flown to Mars,

but I have biked to High Lodge.


I’ve never hitched a ride on a polar bear in the Antarctic,

but I have ridden a horse before.

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