I’ve never…

I’ve never ridden a raptor while juggling fifteen basketballs,

but I have driven a golf buggy at Feltwell golf club.


I’ve never travelled to the Sahara desert while riding a camel,

but I have journeyed to Spain with my family.


I’ve never observed a cheetah running with a Labradoodle,

but I have seen two Labradors sprinting after a squirrel.


I’ve never seen a dinosaur dancing to the Barny song,

but I have glimpsed at Scarlett performing to Blackpink.


I’ve never observed at a triceratops bashing up against a tree,

but I have witnessed my Labradoodle called Honey whack up against a door.


I’ve never felt a baby elephant from Africa,

but I have a little goat from my aunt’s friend’s farm.


I’ve never smelt the aroma of dumplings cooking in the walls of China,

but I have inhaled the smell of a freshly baked cake coming out of my Nans oven.


I’ve never heard a wolf howl the the moon in Brandon,

but I have witnessed a husky crying in Brandon Country Park.


I’ve never walked up a ladder to a treehouse in Yarmouth,

but I have strutted up the stairs of my aunt’s house.

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