mystical doors

Go and open the forest green door
Maybe there is the silkiest carpet of moss waiting for you there
Possibly their is a wind of freedom to blow on you
There might be a infinite area of green grass

Go up and open the amethyst door
Maybe there is a cave of gems awaiting your arrival
As the feeling of gems give you a feeling of calmness
The mystical cave is covered in a mushroom the amethyst deceiver

Go and open the ocean blue colored door,
You might see a marine coral ocean
With the taste of jealousy in the air
Maybe you will see an eye peering out at you

Go and open the gold door,
you might see dinyos and he grant you midas powers
You might become greedy and want everything
You could find piles of gold

Go and open the deep red door
You might find a red ferrari car
As the engine blows up the room fills with anger
The red sunset burns out in shame

Go and open the pine tree brown door
You might see towing trees dead in autumn
As a feeling of freshness hits you in your spine
As a brown old bear gives you a hug

Go and open the panther pink door
You might find roses blooming
You might see yourself in the past being embarrass
As you are eating lychee

Go and open the orange door
You might find pumpkins
As you get a spooky vibe
As a swarm of orange canaries surround you

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