The Bright and Beautiful Doors.

Go and open the lime green door,

maybe there is frogs happily jumping around or some broccoli or lettuce.


Go and open the marron red door,

maybe there are blazing fires or poppies or strawberries.


Go and open the ginger orange door,

maybe you will find a carrot or a pumpkin to carve for Halloween or you will at least see the sun set


Go and open the berry blue door,

maybe you will swim in the ocean and meet a blue whale, or you will find it full of blueberries


Go into the dirt brown door,

maybe you will find conkers and acorns falling of trees or you will see wood be split by a lumberjack.


Go into the lemon-yellow door,

maybe you will find a field of daffodils with ducklings in it, or you might find stars in the midnight sky twinkling.


Go into the rose-pink door,

maybe you will find candy floss in a carnival, or you might find flamingos and pigs basking in the sun.


Go into the pearl white door,

maybe you will find fluffy clouds and sheep or small sugar grains.

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