The colourful passages

Through the green door

I saw Celtic FC thrashing rangers as if they were Real Madrid

A grass patch where rain droplets waddle everywhere,

Some nettles waiting patiently to sting some innocent person,

A lonely lizard lying in the grass waiting for a friend,


Through the red door

I saw Liverpool playing in the champions league as Mo Sala scored the most perfect penalty,

A   fruit orchard where there was an amazing amount of apples there,

A heart imprisoned in a rib cage breaks free from the humans body,

The vampire always drinks a glass of blood before going to bed.


Through the yellow door

I saw Ukraine Portugal, it was a close game the players prayed that they would pull through and low and behold Ukraine won,

A honey pot frozen in the freezing fridge,

A lemon in a drink waiting patiently to tingle your taste buds as you take the first sip,

Some corn in a field sunbathing in the heat.


Through the orange door

I frolicked about on a field filled with very big orange trees,

A piece of macaroni breaking free from the humans grasp,

A basketball getting bruises from being bounced up and down

A fire show amazing you but also filling you with fear.


Through the blue door

I stared at the surprisingly still sky,

A blue whale singing a song

A blue hoodie in a shop waiting from someone to buy them,

An eye giving you a nerve racking hard stare.

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