The doors

Go and open the lilac door,

maybe there beautiful digitalis waving its hands back at you,

the majestic butterflies looking for any flowers or a

eggplant waiting to be chopped up with a knife.


Go and open the scarlet red door,

maybe there is a bar full of red wine and drunk people running around, a raspberry bush growing or red bananas tasting like fresh beautiful raspberry sweetness.


Go and open the ultramarine door,

maybe there is greedy people rushing to feel the coldness of Lapis lazuli, the cookie monster feasting on delicious chocolate chip cookies or stitch playing around with lilo on the beach.


Go ad open the salmon pink door,

maybe there is a tank with cute charismatic axolotls, 

lovely smelling roses growing in bushes or salmon being cooked on the stove top.


Go and open the flaxen door,

maybe there is golden coins glowing in the sunlight, 

gold bars hiding in a safe or a perfect head of citrus yellow hair.


Go and open the sable black door,

maybe you will find a hidden blackberry bush, 

Sable cats running wild and free from what was happening or a coal mine where people risk their lives to mine coal.


Go and open the auriferous gold door,

maybe you will enter a beach where sand lays, with sea shells glowing  in the sun or a gold mine where gold falls from dirt every second.

Go and open the cantaloupe door,

maybe you will find a TV show called Garfield, pumpkins growing in a pumpkin patch or a orange tree with oranges falling.

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