The mystery doors

Go and open the black door,

maybe you’ll see a pot of ink,

a duvet of darkness and shadows

or a black cat, its bright, shamrock eyes piercing into your soul.


Go and open the teal door,

maybe you’ll see gorgeous diamonds glitter in the crystal light,

or the vast sea,

maybe you’ll sight Neptune in the night sky.


Go and open the porcelain door,

see the snow shimmer down from the sky,

the fluffy clouds awaiting your arrival,

maybe you’ll feel the cold Artic wind brush past your nose.


Go and open the hazelnut door,

maybe you’ll see bears with beautiful chocolate fur,

violins playing the most beautiful of lullabies,

or the trees’ bark, breathing in the air around them.


Go and open the yellow door,

See the canaries flutter around gracefully,

maybe see the stars dance around the golden sun

or see lions that have glazed honey manes, run around playfully.


Go and open the smoky door,

maybe you’ll see the moon glistening down on the frosty lake,

a pack of wolves on the mountain with a flakey, charcoal fleece,

looking in awe at the luminous moon

or a path of the most perfect pebbles

that lead to a cozy, little hut.

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