The Mystical Land

The Mystical Land

Go and open the violet door,

maybe you will find an aubergine shedding its skin,

grapes partying,

or a bitter sweet melting in your mouth.


Go and open the rose door,

maybe you will find cherries chanting,

hearts pumping,

or maybe ladybugs soaring through the air.


Go and open the coffee door,

perhaps you will find an enormous bar of scrumptious dark chocolate,

a grizzly bear creating a piece of imaginative art,

or even a crumbling acorn positioned on the floor.


Go and open the lime door,

maybe you will see a four-leaf clover longing for good luck,

a grasshopper bobbing up and down in the long green grass,

or even luscious cucumber gossiping to its friends.


Go and open the cyan door,

maybe you will see the gleaming blue river waving to you,

a dolphin gliding towards you,

or even a tear dripping down some one’s eye.

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