The navy door

Go and open the ginger door, 

maybe you will see a tiger roaring and clowns have the time of their lives.


Through the brown door, 

you will see bark all over the floor and people isotating from each other.


Come over and enter the lipstick door, 

you  will see cherry getting eaten, anger spreading over the room.


Come in the hot pink door, 

you will see flamingos on one leg and a true love’s kiss.


In the heather door,

you will see eggplants growing and suddenly feel light hearted.


Go and open the macaroon door, 

go and squish your toes in the blazing cand, or do something flexible. 


Through the fire door, 

you could taste the lemon juice, and then swing around like monkeys.


Come on over and enter the navy door, 

the floor will be made of stone, and calm sloths.

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