Through the colorful door.

I drew a bramble with my purple pen,

As I helped my gran make blueberry jam ,Through the pink door

I found cotton candy,

A pool of strawberry milkshake

 where I felt loved and happy.


Through the green door

I saw vines and plants,

a green garden filled with greens and juicy veggies,

Where I was doing my best to be eco-friendly.


Through the yellow door

I found a sun as bright as a star,

 Happy bananas dancing in the fruit bowl,

As I felt a joyful smile come across my face as I  jumped with my new yellow jump rope.


Through the beige door

I visited a cosy warm beach,

As munched on an ice cream cone but the ice cream fell off! so that was sad, 

As  it was very warm I understood.


Through the purple door


And my gran made me laugh and smile.


Through the orange door

 I found a carrot as orange as a flame,

As I eat an orange as orange as can be. 




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