Through the door

Through the door by Bella SWW

Through the door of hope,
you will see kaleidoscope of colours dancing
like snow falling gracefully on the cold
winters ground,

Through the door of fear,
life is like finding a shrunken
shrimp in a haybale,

Through the door of faith,
the whole world is like a pitch black
pit until you see a sunny sign saying
‘just jump’,

Through the door of sadness,
tears fall from nowhere like rain pouring
down loudly from a dull Jade sky and if
you look close enough you may find crying
people an these tears,

Through the door of Joy,
Circuses and Pantomimes are in action
like an engine roaring ready to go,

Through the door of anger,
Red hot flames roar in the wind
like a Lion hunting its prey,

Through the door of peace,
there is a freedom that yet some
still struggle to see.

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