Through the door..

Through the watermelon door,

maybe you’ll see the water from

the watermelon dripping on your face

as you instantly feel refreshed and cool.


Through the ruby door,

maybe you’ll feel the sharp

Ruby edges poke you on your hand

as the ruby’s glimmer and you feel like royalty.


Through the orchid door,

maybe you’ll see the flower

begging you to touch them 

as the room fill up with an amazing 

scent from the orchid’s.


Through the daisy door,

maybe you’ll see the daisies

pick themselves up from the 

enchanted floor and spinning 

themselves towards you 

in a calm and playful way.


Through the chocolate door,

maybe you’ll see the chocolate

instantly melting even if you only

took a couple bites you still 

will be energetic.


Through the dove door,

maybe you’ll see the birds 

gather above your head

as soon as you walk in

as you admire the doves 

above your head.


Through the amber door,

maybe you’ll see the leaves fall

individual slowly onto the 

dead floor as well as you see 

the children being playful in

a calm setting.


Through the arctic door,

maybe you’ll see ice icicles 

poke you as you freeze in a still spot.

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