Through the door.

Go through the crimson door,

you’ll be hit by a wall of love as a pair of lips

Come crashing onto yours.


Go through the autumn door,

maybe you can feel the excitement while riding a

rollercoaster that fuels you with enthusiasm.


Go through the lemon door,

and enter a world of happiness as you gaze upon the 

wonderous carnival that greets you in kindly.


Go through the parsley door,

greed will stalk you as your mind contemplates his 

collection of jewels and gold.


Go through the cobalt door,

rain will come and greet you with a myriad of lighting

Giving you a deep sadness.


Go through the grape door,

creativity shall be bestowed upon you with a magical

realm of dragons and giants.


Go through the rose door,

maybe you will find a kindness in your heart

to help many people in need.


Go through the coal door,

then you can face a corrupted monster purely

built out of rage.



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