Through the magical door

Through the Blue door

I heard the noise from Ibrox Stadium, 

A blue whale howling,

Scotland living the life,

 the sky slowly moving.


 Through the red door

I heard the joy of a movie night with your family,

Love spreading around the world,

Cuddles from your Mum and Dad,

All the times your mum and Dad takes you out to make you happy.



Through the orange door

I saw a boy going to the shop to buy his family an orange,

Pumpkins getting carved,

Goldfishes swimming around there orange bowl,

Carrots getting halved for Horses.


Through the green door

I saw leaves falling from trees,

People swinging from vine to vine,

People picking Brambles from bushes,

Horses eating grass like they have never eaten before.


Through the pink door,

Maybe there is a fluffy pillow waiting for you, 

A  long living pink flamingo standing in the same position,

Or a really hard couch.



Through the yellow door

There was a lonely Daffodil in the field,

The sun was burning the sand, 

The sand was getting in peoples shoes

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