Through the magical doors

The doors of wonders


Through the tangerine door

I felt the braveness of a warrior,

I saw a fire blazing in the breeze,

A carved pumpkin glaring at me as a chocolate wrapper crunches.


Through the blush door

I felt the softness of fresh cotton candy,

I saw small pink petals falling as gracefully as a swan off a beautiful cherry blossom tree,

I felt nervousness of a new actor.


Through the cornflower door

I saw a gentle ocean pressing up a tan beach front,

tears falling down a soft baby’s face,

I felt the coldness of an ice cream.


Through the lime door

I stood on a freshly cut lawn,

leaves falling of the old branches and landing with a crunch,

I felt the sickness of an frail granny as she coughs.


Through the primrose door

I could feel the happiness of a little girl playing in her garden,

I could see buttercups dancing in a big field as the sun smile shines big and bright.


Through the bronze door

I could feel warm sand stretching out on my palm,

A boy’s hair gently drifting in the wind,

the tiredness of a nightshift worker.

One Response to “Through the magical doors”

  1. Hi, I think that this is a very good blog post and you have done very well. I would like to know what your favourite colour out of these is. I think to make it even better you could put in a bit more creative language and that would entice the reader even more and make it even better.

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