Through the magical doors.


Go and open the camping door,
Maybe you’ll see a plain solitary tent,
in a bland field.

Through the emerald door,
you could hear the buzzing,
of grass hoppers.

Go and open the canary door,
Maybe you’ll see a desert,
blowing sharp sand in your face.

Through the peach door,
peaches dropped from trees,
in the soft wind.

Go and open the aqua door.
Maybe you’ll see dolphins,
undulating through the cold sea.

Through the brick red door,
rubies trickled out of,
peoples hands.

Go and open the heat-wave door.
Maybe you’ll see a dragons
breathing flames.

Through the min green door,
sat the rainforest sheltering people,
from the rock hard rain.

Go and open the navy door.
Maybe you’ll see waves,
dumping onto the sandy beach.

Through the door of cold fire,
the log burner sat in the middle of the living room,
making everyone colder in a summer day.

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