Unknown doors

Unknown doors by Sarah SWW

Go and open the pale green door,
you’ll see lush green leaves swaying in the wind,

Go and open the apricot door,
you’ll see big juicy peach hanging on trees,

Go and open the charcoal door,
you’ll smell it burning in the deep dark forest,

Go and open the butter door,
maybe find shivering popcorn popping around,

Go and open the gooey honey door,
maybe you’ll find darting bees concocting some experiments like hot honey,

Go and open the dark blue door,
maybe you’ll find polished lapis,

Go and open the cherry door,
maybe you’ll see cranberry juice flooding the floor and clear cups like ice dangling,

And for last go through the scarlet door,
maybe you’ll see red roses drifting in the sky.

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