What is?

What is?
What is heavy?A mysterious secret hidden and held for ever.
What is big?My ridgeback puppy knocking me over with his zoomies wiggling inside him, Tyson Fury fighting his feeling’s.
What is cold? A frozen memory floating around in the forgotten box, the track of Usane bolt.
What is light? A single shell on the Scottish Gullen beach ( my mum’s favourite place in the world), a beautifully patterned, yellow summers butterflies wing crumpling like an autumns leaf, a burgundy bunnies whiskers being brushed against the poppies and bending.
What is small? A door mouse scurrying through a hollow log, a cocoon opening which revealed the most beautiful-lest butterfly you have ever seen.
What is hot?The boiler in the kitchen gurgling the containing water and pipes, the sun’s boiling surface.
What is lonely? A single broken hearted friend as sorrow filled his heart, sitting next to a old friends grave and a single oak tree.

What is popular? A field of poppies swaying in the autumn breeze, daffodils blossoming.
What is kind? Love filling a cat’s and dogs heart while they lick each other, the best of friends, the RSPCA rescuing abandoned animals and a spider making a outstanding web.
What is unkind? The feeling of anger building up in your body, the ripping of an old, crumpled diary
What is loving? A supporting and loving family, a hug from your great grandma’s last moment.
What is unloving? The unwise words of a bully, the glass swan ornament falling, shattering into a million pieces.

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