What is. By Ralph

What is light? A feather falling, a tiny Dimond and a piece of golden crispy straw.
What is heavy? A rams body , a London bus and a full grown bull.
What is big? The giant shard, a diplodocus and the biggest tree.
What is small? A baby dormice, a grain of sugar and a atom floating around.
What is cold? The January snow, a cold heart and a snowman hitting your face.
What is hot? A welcoming heart, a piece of the sun and the heat of a of a volcanoes burning.
What is wide? Buckingham palace stretching, a long caterpillar and opening doors.
What is thin? A grain of sand, a piece of paper and a long millipede.
What is happy? A close friend falling and someone helping you up and someone looking after you.
What is lonely? A tree in the middle of a field a fox on its own and a hamster trapped in a tube.
What is comforting? Sitting next to a friend, going to the park and snuggling with your mum.

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