What is… By Rosie

What is light?
A Golden Eagle’s feather falling to the ground, and an egg smashing to the floor, the yolk making a mess.
What is heavy?
The world spinning on it’s side and Mount Everest mounted with hikers.
What is cold?
A snow cloud bursting, chucking it’s contents to the floor, ice cream falling never to melt and octopus blood swirling around like flashes of lightning.
What is hot
A wildfire spreading to a town unready to crumble, a laptop that has been on for hours in the blazing sun and a mid-summers day with hot water being drank.
What is big?
The tallest skyscraper on earth and a London bus strolling on the seats.
What is small?
A field mouse scurrying away from a cat and a single micro-plastic in the ocean.

What is frail?
Freshly shed Alligator skin, the last string on a wobbly tooth and new peacock feathers.
What is strong?
The bond between best friends and trees falling from anger.
What is evil?
A leader waiting for revenge and determination to bully.
What is kind?
A person helping the poor, bringing injured strangers to safety and a builder repairing houses after war.

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