A door of what ?

A door of what?


Go and open the pewter door,

maybe you’ll go beyond the mysteriously magical mist and be devoured into a world full of clouds.


Go and open the carrot door,

maybe you’ll find a swarm of bees mistaking a honey-gold crown as their queen or a crowd of oranges bouncing to see a famous carrot.


Go and open the peach door,

maybe you’ll sneak a packet of nice biscuits and a cup of tea whilst gossiping about Tracy Lee.


Go and open the blush door,

maybe you’ll be treated with a new Chanel bag and Louis Vuitton perfume or a nice new lipstick for your party.


Go and open the chocolate caramel door,

maybe you’ll see the sorrow of toffee as it melts into one of your favourite delicacies.

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