Go and Open the Mysterious Door


Go and Open the Mysterious Door 


Go and open the blush pink door, 

You will feel loved all around and see hearts everywhere. 



Go and open go the watermelon door, 

 you will feel happy and you are see loads of fruit and feel healthier. 



Go and open the wooden door, 

You will see lots of trees made from wood. 



Go and open the ocean blue door, 

You will feel calm Everything around you will be wet and you’ll be walking on stand. 



Go and open the hunter green door, 

And you will feel bravery and you will feel like in a large friendly forest. 



Go and open the punch pink door, 

You will feel loved, and you will have more kindness in you. 



Go and open the Amy door, 

And you will see Amy painting her whole room pink. 




Go and open the library bookshelf door, 

you will see bookshelves and books everywhere. 



Go and open the sandy tan door, 

you might see sea lion leaping out of the Cayan Artic Ocean. 

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