I have never… But I have…


                I have never … but I have … 

I have never jumped off Mount Everest but, I have jumped off the hill at Victoria Park in Aberdeen. 


I have never cycled The Tour of Britain but, I have watched The Tour de France in Chatel. 


I have never danced with Anton Dubke but, I have watched strictly come dancing when Anton was dancing. 


I have never ridden a unicorn to space but, I have watched a program about rockets, space and all the planets. 


I have never jumped off Niagara Falls but, I have walked up a waterfall in Dornie, Isle of Skye, Scotland. 


I have never jumped a 10,000 metre (about the height of Mount Everest) bungie jump but, I have hung upside down on my friend’ Savannah’s yoga trapeze. 


I have never climbed Mount Everest in my pajamas but, I have climbed Bennachie in my shorts. 


By Charlotte P5 Oyne school 




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