I have never eaten Singapore noodles

I have never caught a fly with my tongue

but I have caught popcorn in my mouth while it’s flying through the air.


I have never ridden a pony on the clouds

but I have ridden a horse on the fluffy green grass.


I have never won 3 million dollars at a fun fair on holiday

but I have gotten 70 pounds for my 9th birthday present.


I have never visited Alcatraz prison as a prisoner

but I have stayed at my nans the favourite granddaughter.


I have never eaten Singapore noodles while in Singapore

but I have eaten Chinese noodles in a restaurant.


I have never flown to Mars on a burger

but I have flown to Portugal on an aeroplane .


I have never fallen through earth and landed on a meteor

but I have rolled off my bed and landed on my sister`s Pudsey Bear.


I have never walked between the Twin Towers in 1975

But I have walked on water in a bubble in 2022.



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