Never flown on a dragon

I have never flown on a fire breathing dragon in the Welsh mountains

but I have ridden on a donkey on my birthday.


I have never been inside the white house in the USA and met the president.

but I have gone to my nans house in Ashton and met her.


I have never floated through outer space on a fluffy cloud

but I have dreamt of flying through the cold air.


I have never played football with Cristiano Ronaldo but I have played with my friends in school.


I have never beaten Tyson Fury in a boxing match

but I have played pretend fighting games with my dad in our living room.


I have never seen King Kong battle Godzilla

but I have fought with my evil brother Henry.


I have never seen the blazing sun explode

but I have seen a bike wheel pop.


I have never tasted a donkey’s skin

but I have eaten cow’s meat.









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