The fabulous doors


Go and open the rose door, 

maybe you will find rare, rosy feathers from flamingos, 

a glass of  strawberry lemonade making your mouth water 

or a pretty dress just waiting to be worn.


Go and open the teal door,

maybe you will feel an ocean breeze hitting you hard,

there might be a shining necklace that smiles at you 

or a puya flower that is as beautiful as the necklace.


Go and open the clear door,

maybe there will be a crystal clear diamond,

there might be a mirror that shines like the sun 

or water in a glass sat there quietly. 


Go and open the ruby door,

maybe there is a sunset setting, 

there could be a ruby red quality street rapper laying on the floor 

or one of the Queen’s jewels glimmering in the night.


Go and open the ebony door,

maybe your aunt’s death haunts you till you are asleep, 

the bats pitch black eyes stare into your soul 

or the obsidian rocks stomp louder than a roar.

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