the mysterious doors

terious doors  


The midnight door,  

if you go through it, you will start feeling your fear uprising and if you start to look around you will see fire everywhere, 



The red door, 

you start to see roses blooming everywhere when you can then feel an overcoming love for everything. 


The gold door, 

when you go through it you start looking around and you can just see gold bars and money everywhere. You feel as though you can buy anything and act however you want. 



The ink door, 

when you walk through it you start to feel happier than you usually are and if you wander about for a while you start to see cars racing each other through the streets. 


The cloud door, 

when you walk through you see tonnes of little rodents scurrying around your feet and you try to climb a tree, but it turns out they’re also made of mice, and you are on a cloud city so you cannot run anywhere. 


The amethyst door, 

When you walk through the magical door you see purple shards called amethyst, They start hurting your feet because you don’t have any shoes on, so you grab your trusty knife, and you carve it into shoes. 

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