The Scents of Life


The Scents of Life 

Through the rose red door, 

You will see strawberries that are as juicy as an orange, 

Hear the swaying flower stems, 

Smell the beautiful perfumes. 


Through the amethyst door, 

You will feel the magic, 

Taste the calm, 

Touch the spirits and see the mystery. 


Through the tangerine door, 

You will see popping candy, 

Taste the tang, 

Touch the bravery. 


Through the caramel and emerald door, 

You will touch the icky sticky gloop, 

You will see the pride in people’s faces, 

You will taste grass. 


Through the human door, 

You will see the person’s mouth, 

Taste what they are eating, 

And smell lattes and salmon. 


Through the cold cyan door, 

You will hear sad upset people, 

See beautiful forget-me-nots, 

Taste delicious blueberries 

And smell freshly washed jeans. 

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