The six doors

Through the fluffy brown dog door,

you will hear lots of excited barking and it smells like wet dog. There will be food and water bowls for them.


Though the amethyst door,

There will be lots of ramps and hills you can skateboard or ride a bike or scooter on, and it feels like fun. And there is a lot of amazing amethyst


Through the gaming door,

You’ll see LED lights, Headphones, iPads, iPhone and Nintendo switches everywhere. And in the middle, there will be three massive PlayStation 4 screens it will make you happy for the rest of your life.


Through the spikey turtle painting,

There will be mostly the turtles from Mario like Bowser and Bowser Jr. And the lighting is flame torches.


Though the galaxy portal,

Each corner is a planet (example 1st corner Jupiter 2nd corner mars) the walls are black with tiny white dots for stars.


Through the tree door,

There is a big open window that you can see the garden from. And there are birds, hedgehogs, foxes and squirrels.

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