Vibrant Doors

Go and open the Violet door,

maybe you’ll see purple tulips in a field,

red onions making you cry

or some violet butterflies welcoming you inside.


Go and open the Mint door,

maybe you’ll see a lucky clover to stay by your side,

a healthy hospital sign in pure green

or a snake slithering back to it’s home.


Go and open the Rose door,

maybe you’ll see a fresh field of rose gold poppies,

an evil, ire-breathing, scarlet dragon fruit

or a girly ballerina dress just sitting there.


Go and open the Beige door,

maybe you’ll see the Sahara Desert as sandy as a never-ending beach,

a crusty map leading you to nowhere

or marmalade pancakes giving you a sweet tooth.


Go and open the ink door,

maybe you’ll see an octopus squirting ink on your face,

a black panther hiding in the night

or a singular star giving the dimmest light.


Go and open the midnight door,

maybe you’ll hear screams of terror,

a beastly creature with teeth like a dinosaurs

or evil pixie dust like ashes. 

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