Wander through a mystery these doors behold

Go and push through the crimson door,

And maybe you will see blood dripping red through your bathroom room shower curtain.

Or maybe a velvet cake sweet and delicious.


Open the arctic door 

And maybe you may be in a deep ocean filled with slimy octopus.

Or maybe you may find a sweet fruit basket filled with all the blueberries you can eat.


Creak through the inky door

Maybe you maybe you will discover a smokey room 

Filled with unknown ghosts, 

Or maybe a dark cave filled with monsters waiting to have you for lunch.


Wonder through the orchid door,

Maybe you will be in a world of flaring shades of purple flowers

Or maybe feel the drip of your purple pen.


Go through the fire door 

Maybe you will be in a room of flames 

Charging to attack you

Or perhaps a room of tangy pumpkins.

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