Recipe for family – Alexa

Recipe for Family by Alexa SWW

Pluck at the feeling of thunder
roaring through my grandparents
conservatory windows like mirrors
echoing in the darkness and the
tingle of excitement sprouting in my stomach.

Explore the memory of
the Scottish sea, soothing the
buzzing questions in my mind
and only making me and my family

Stir my Daddy’s warm,
stretching arms reaching to wrap
around me after a long day at work
when I mix the mixture.

Divide the my satisfying diary
and continue writing, until all the pages
have run out like a fortune tellers ball not

Decorate the scene of me and my
family, cuddled up and watching the telly,
use the memory like cradling a baby.

I would take my families wooden rosery beads,
waiting to be praised and cherished, and your
creation is complete.

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