to be as fast as the flash

Title to be as fast as the flash
Recipe for my friend by Oscar SWW

Use these or your own imperative verbs to structure your recipe for my friend poem (Use any of your padlet ideas from Monday)

Take a pinch of sugar and salt
and slowly pour it in and

Peel a bit of chicken skin and chuck it in
then get the actual chicken and
chuck it in.

Mix for a minute then taste
again and keep stirring until
it taste’s good.

Pour some energy drinks in tow at a time
then take a sip so you don’t
get bored whilst doing your recipe.

Divide the recipe into
tow pieces then
put it into four pieces
to make some more.

Sprinkle some more sugar and add in a
some caffeine.

Stir for 5 minuets then taste
to see if it is good and
lets you go fast.


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