I Would Take

I Would Take

I would take the sound of a big pile of leaves getting crunched
and the sound of a stake sizzling on a grill and
the feel of an oily conker that has just came out of the shell
and the crunch of a walker’s crisp in someone’s mouth

I would take the feel of a burger
and the buttons on a computer that people like to click,
the feel of your favourite football player scoring a goal
and the taste of a MacDonald’s chicken nugget.

I would take the smell of an ice cream stand in the distance,
the restaurant in the distance and the perfect smell
of fresh bread that has just came out of the oven,
the smell of a new car that has just been made.

I would take the taste of a glorious a hot dog smothered in ketchup,
the taste of a burger also smothered in ketchup,
the taste of a Cadbury’s bar of chocolate,
the taste of a giant slice of pizza covered in cheese

By Manny

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