long lasting treasures

Long Lasting Treasures 


If I was summoned 

to craft a treasure, 

 I would take:


the sound of a snake slowly slithering past,

                 the pain and agony a box- jellyfish creates,

and the joy of a young lamb being born in spring,


 a local regular walk around Abbey Gardens,

the roars of Portman Road on matchday,

and a forever away holiday or at least it seems,


the sorrow cries of hungry babies,

or the unpleasant rudeness of children,

and the abuse that you get off manners,


the threatening trouble of the spindle,

And one ***** of the finger,

or the true loves kiss the very next day,


A spell of magic creating what you though

was an impossible dream,

Or an elf with an important job to take care of,


The forgotten tales of the coliseum,

or a mounting completely  straight upright,

and a preposterous cold patch in the desert.

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