My treasures

If i were summoned,

To create a treasure,

I would take:


The hoot of a lost owl waiting to be found,

The satisfying sound of a panda crunching on its bamboo,

Or the sound of an elephant’s giant feet touching the ground.


The reflection of the sunset peaking through your curtains,

The smell of a newly opened candle

Or the feeling of opening the door to your freshly cleaned bedroom.


The last wish flying away with the final shooting star,

Saturn’s ring crumbling into specks of dust,

Or the sight of a meteor shower slowly fading away into the mist of the night.


A house made of candy awaiting childrens arrival,

A mysterious red hooded robe left in the woods,

Or a long trail of blonde hair left outside an eerie thin castle.


The quick flap of a griffin’s wing slowly vanishing into the clouds,

A rainbow horn left on the ground

Or a mermaid diving back into the water wishing she was human.


The myth of an egyptian mummy coming to life,

The excitement on an archaeologists face when they find a fossil,

Or the sharp tooth of a Saber-Tooth Tiger lying on the ground.

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