my wonderful senses

The spaceship on the moon which was trying to wave down to us.

The smell of chocolate donuts which are coming straight your way.

The taste of burgers which are from McDonald’s.

The smell of a big bag of chips which came straight from the chippy.

The look of Tangfastics and how nice and sugary they are.

The taste of the big bag of setentains crisps which are getting munched by me.


I would take taste of

chocolate donuts and make it be a flavour for me for the rest of my life,

the crunch of chicken nuggets from my favrioute place to go

and finally, a big bag of salt and vinegar crisps in my mouth.


I would like the smell of

burgers and the cheese melting in my mouth,

the smell of chicken tika wraps at dinner

and the smell of freshly made pancakes with chocolate sauce on it.


I would like the touch of

a big fluffy blanket on my bed,

the touch of the smooth comfy pillows on my sofa

and the touch of my fluffy hoodie in the cold weather.


I would like the feeling of

comfy pillows on my bed,

the feel of snuggle blankets on my bed

and a comfy hoodie on my head.

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