Prehistoric Treasures

Prehistoric Treasures


If I was created

to craft a treasure,

I would take:


the evil in a fairy tale,

a witches cauldron,

and the magic from a wand,


the power from a Tyrannosaurus rex,

the skull of a parasaur,

and the swimming ability from Sarcosuchus,


the torture from a victorian workhouse,

the pain of a war sword being impaled in your chest,

and the suffering of an evacuee,


the piles of gold from the wild west,

a robbers wealth,

and crown jewels from Queen Victoria,


a galaxy far far away,

and a hyper sonic space shuttle,


a lizard scouting the forest,

a komodo dragon roaming around Galápagos Islands

And an iguana going for a walk,


the french revolution dominating France,

Jean-Jacques Rousseau bossing people around,

and rapiers banging together. 


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