Question poem – Elliot 5P

Question poem


What is big? A white elephant squishing a double decker bus, my brain doing complicated algebra and a giant meteorite heading towards Earth.

What is small? A miniscule mice scurrying across the floorboards of a cottage, air particles floating around the room and conkers falling down from a grand tree.

What is thin? A lamppost outside in the soggy rain, a pencil slowly shrinking and a homework paper drifting slowly into the bin.

What is thick? A ten layer triple chocolate cake suddenly disappearing, the giant pile of books in my room and the landfill beside our city.

What is soft? My snuggly blanket, a friend’s heart and the cosy bed in my room.

What is hard? Rock and roll being played at a concert, the bark on an oak tree and the muscles of a thief after a bank robbery.

What is happiness? My face in the early hours of Christmas, the sun glowing on a bright summer’s day and a leprechaun finding a rainbow floating in the sky.

What is sadness? Gloom and misery floating into souls on a thundering holiday,a broken promise with a true friend and the death of a fellow family member.

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