The crystal planet

The crystal



If I were summoned

To create a treasure,

I would take:


The sound of cars passing,

A Mountain Zebra crying,

An Arctic wolf howling,

And the last sound of a soul.


The stripe of a Mountain Zebra,

The fur of an Arctic wolf,

The eye of a fierce German Shepherd.


The tall spiky peak of the K2 Mountain,

The fresh green grass from a field,

The deadly ore of Mars.


The swirl of a tornado,

The touch of a fallen star,

The sound of lightning.


The curse of Maleficent,

The fallen glass slipper of cinderella,

The Marble wall of the kabah.


The deadly curse of Medusa, 

The eerie Monster of Malammander.


The crystal of thunder,

The eye of a cyclops,

The tentacle of a kraken.


The eye of a tyrannosaurus Rex,

The twisted horn of a galaxy crystal dragon,

The crystal of life.


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