The ring of saturn

If i was summered,

to create a treasure,

I would take:


 The wolf howl after the snow is falling down on him at the north pole,

 the wind  as hard as a tornado swooping over from the pitch black frozen forest,

the fur falling off the white snow wolf and the fur flying about in the wind.


The spooky scary tiger running about in rain forest looking for food,

the tiger falls in a deep hole that leads him to the egyptian cave,

the Egyptian pyramid was used for pharaohs.


Suddenly from out of the fog a shiny golden eagle swoops over the trees,

the golden eagle is from a golden shimmering palace that can blind your eyes,

sometimes the golden eagle can see a lot of the planets just like Jupiter and mercury.


The romans built about fifty five thousand round across the empire,

the wolf is chasing a girl in red across the fields and flowers,

 The reflection of a dragon’s eye shining at me.


The galaxy taking the whole world and they are trying to save the world,

They built very straight rodas many of which are still used today,

The ring of saturn pulling everything closer to it.

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