the wounders I would take

I would take the taste

of cool glass of orange juice as fresh as a daisy on hottest of days,

bread as soft and warm as your favorite cuddly toy when you need a hug,

a four-course meal after a long day of working nonstop.


I would take the feel

of a cat’s fur after you settle down in your home,

of fresh cover on a rainy night as dark as a caves center,

a controller when you want to play a game with your friends.


I would take the smell

of fresh bacon and burgers in the morning,

of a new car you just picked up from the dealers,

of the cold air on a snowy day.


I would take the sound

of sizzling meat when you have a hungry stomach,

of a child’s laugh after a funny joke,

of leaves crunching under your feet.


I would take the sight

of a dust storm swinging round a baren land like a gracious ballerina,

a beautiful snow day on what you expected to be a bad day,

of a sun set on the edge of the oceans wave.

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