Things i would take

Things i would take

If I was summoned,
to create a treasure,
i would take:

the beating of a Kinkajous
strong tale,
and a feather of a sawing magpie.

a beautiful goal
at Manchester stadium,
and the last snow flake of the winter.

the raging meteors
wiping out the dinosaurs,
and the skeleton of a diplodocus

the rusty armour
of a knight from rome,
and the bullets of a pistol
they used in war.

a blackhole sucking up
everything in sight,
and the first landing on the moon.

a wish granted from a
magical genie lamp,
and the porridge on the brown,
silk table.

the Elizabeth tower holding,
big ben,
and the great wall of China,
standing for over 3000 years.

the raging flames covering cerberus,
and dragon scales running
across someone’s skin.

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