What I would take if I were summoned to create a treasure

If i were summoned to create a treasure i would take:


The sound of 

A child giggling,

A high-pich scream,

And the siren of a house being robbed.


The touch of 

The solid rain hitting my arm at the speed of light,

The rocks tumbling under my feet,

And the melting sun shine on me.


The smell of 

The salty navy blue sea that shimmers in the light,

Melted chocolate dribble down the chocolate cake,

And fresh flowers sway in the wind.


The taste of 

My favorite fruits,

The popcorn crumble in my mouth,

The chocolate cake about to enter my mouth.


The sight of 

The sunset across the valley,

The cutest puppy sweeps against my legs,

And my baby cousin play happily.

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