four seasons

If I were summoned

to create a treasure 

I would take:


The smell of 

a frosty garden in the morning,

the fresh warm pizza in the oven

and the scent of a moist forest.


The taste of 

a hot plate of BBQ chicken sitting before my eyes,

a big beef burger calling out my name

and  the most astonishing vanilla sponge with strawberry cream.


The sight of 

a beautiful paradise emerging in front of me,

the cutest little puppy splashing in the sea

and  the most organized wardrobe.


The sound of

the waves crashing against the shoreline,

the wind blowing in my hair 

and  the crackling fire on bonfire night.


The touch of 

a fluffy dog that just had a bath,

the rain pattering on my shoulders

and a cold glass on a hot summer day.

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