happy world castle

If i were summoned 

To create a treasure

I would take:


The sight of 

The claws of a crested eagle grabbing its prey,

The wings of a dove scaring through the air 

And the feather of a blue jay slowly falling to the ground.


The sound of cars passing,

A mountain zebra crying,

AN Arctic wolf howling 

And the last sound of a soul.


The taste of the lemon sorbet as the day dies in the summer,

Playing sport in a hot summer

And a box of white, creamy chocolate waiting for you on the table.


The smell of the furious field as it drown the pink roses,

The scent of an old book

And a lavender candle.


The touch of 

The pattering rain on my shoulder,

The grass beside me when I lie in my field

And the lovely flowers swaying in the light breeze.


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