I I were asked to create a treasure..

If I was asked

To create a treasure,

I would take:


The feelings of,

A Caspain Tiger’s bite digging deep into your skin like a knife,

An eagles sharp glare staring into the unknown

And the sound of a bird’s caw while it’s flying with its flock.(Flock – Group of birds)


The sight of,

The Eifell tower at night shining like the stars in the sky,

The colors of Tokyo like Christmas tree lights at X-mas

And The Leaning Tower of Pisa crashing and falling to the ground


The gingerbread man running on his nubs for legs,

The taste of the three bear’s puddings

And Goldilocks hair like Rapunzel.


The smell of a rosegold strawberries out the ground,

Cookies sprinkled with flavor

And a fresh batch of bread out the oven.


The sound of,

A tropical rainforest being pushed by the wind,

Leaves rushling and bushling in the breeze

And an old dusty book left to rot.

The touch of,

A dog’s fur like  soft carpet,

Flipping through all the pages in your book

And the stretchiest slime possible.

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