if I could create a wonder

I would take the smell of 

A delicious dazzling McDonalds begging to not get eaten,

KFC’s crispy chicken straight out of the fryer

And beautiful lavender.


I would take the sound of

Bees wings busy buzzing around,

Music playing at full volume

And birds singing to each other.


I would take the taste of

Mouth-watering cookies straight out of the hot oven,

Freshly baked vanilla cakes with a big juicy cherry on top

And creamy caramel drizzled over freezing ice-cream.


I would take the touch of

A comfy silky pillow to rest my head on,

A fluffy new-born puppy that I could pat and cuddle all day

And a nice cold icepack.


I would take the sight of

Shimmering stars in the night sky,

And a beautiful sunset shining onto the ocean

And aesthetically pleasing sunflowers.

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